School Admission support for Ukrainian refugees

We are aware that many education settings are receiving enquiries about places for Ukrainian refugees.

In line with colleagues across the region and in the absence of any alternative DfE guidance, we are following the in-year admission procedures. Therefore, applications should be made to the SCC School Admissions Team for community and voluntary controlled schools, and to academies and voluntary aided schools directly.

The Fair Access Protocol will apply if there are no places available in a particular area. However, we will not be able to place a child in a key stage 1 class if it already has 30 pupils with a single qualified teacher.

As government have stated that there is no upper limit on the number of Ukrainian refugees who can come to the UK, we do not know how many will choose to come to the county. Also, as the locations are dependent on where host families are, we are not able to manage where pupils will be living in terms of pressures on school places.

We also recognise there may be challenges to provide Suffolk County Council funded school travel, if needed, and will be reviewing options once we start to see where pupils are arriving and whether they can be placed in their local school or not.

There will be some grant funding to schools on a per pupil basis for those pupils who arrive via the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Once you have accepted a child onto your roll, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you about the funding. We will provide further updates as the scheme evolves. Please bear with us while we put processes in place.