Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership Event

Safeguarding Children and Young People Online: Learning from the voices and experiences of young people

Description: This presentation offers a glimpse into the experiences of young people and the impact of digital technologies in their lives and well-being. Focusing on the significance of the voice and visibility of young people in services and drawing on some of their experiences the presentation will examine the following:

  1. How young people become invisible to services, parents and professionals;
  2. Repercussions and ramifications of some of the safeguarding decisions that are made with the best of intentions;
  3. The pillars of good practice and effective safeguarding
  4. A person-centred and evidence-informed approach to identifying online risk and resilience and holistic safeguarding of children and young people both online and offline.
  5. Partnership working and a unified language of risk and resilience: the challenges of partnership working and to identifying and communicating risks across services;

Young people spend increasing amount of time online and this has significant impact on their identities, relationships, development and well-being. Therefore, this presentation will examine some of the challenges in safeguarding and offers an evidence-informed approaches to holistic safeguarding and well-being of children and young people.

Click here on 10th of May from 10 AM to 12 noon to join Safeguarding Children and Young People with Dr. Buzzi.

Dr. Peter Buzzi (@DrPeterBuzzi) is a leading authority in safeguarding and restorative trauma-informed approaches and is the director of RMCC and the Centre for Safeguarding and Relational and Digital Practice and Research. He has led numerous largescale public and private sector research and transformation projects in UK and overseas including inter-governmental knowledge transfer projects with United Nations Development Project and is currently leading a national research and practice development project involving a number of local authorities and national organisations in England. Dr, Buzzi has published his work and research in various books and articles and his upcoming books include “Childhood, Growing up and Parenting in the Age of Anxiety” and “Social Media and Mental Health”.