Coming on 1 December – Advent 30 Day What’s Up Challenge to support young people over Christmas

The holiday season is often associated with joy, celebration, and togetherness. However, for some young people, it can be a time of increased stress, anxiety, and loneliness.

This year, to help navigate and support young people’s mental health during Christmas and through to the New Year, Suffolk County Council’s Children and Young People’s Engagement Hub team have created an Advent 30 Day What’s Up Challenge.

What is the Advent 30 Day What’s Up Challenge?

The Advent 30 Day What’s Up Challenge is based on the original, popular 30 Day What’s Up Challenge social media campaign and blog which is currently available on The Source website for young people (

The Advent 30 Day What’s up Challenge is a creative and engaging initiative designed to promote emotional wellbeing among young people during the Christmas season. It involves a series of daily activities that encourage self-care, connection, and personal growth.

Each day in December leading up to Christmas and New Year, young people will be presented with a new Advent 30 Day What’s Up Challenge, via The Source website and social media channels, that will focus on a specific aspect of wellbeing. These challenges will range from simple acts of self-care to more interactive tasks like reaching out to a friend or family member and expressing gratitude.

To take part, visit: and follow and share the challenges from 1 December via The Source social media channels below:

Instagram: @ehub_
Facebook: @thesourcewebsite
Twitter/X: @sourcesuffolk