Support for Ukrainian refugees

Homes for Ukraine Update:

Thank you to all those who have been in touch this term. For those that have not already done so, please send your invoices for Spring Term 2023 to [email protected] as soon as possible as we are approaching the end of the financial year.  If you have not yet applied for funding, please contact me at the same address for information about the funding available to support Ukrainian pupils.  Please remember to include pupils’ initials and DOB on invoices and in correspondence. 
In December 2022 the government announced changes to the Homes for Ukraine scheme.  Funding for education will not be renewed in 2023-24. This means that there will be no funding available for Homes for Ukraine pupils who arrive in the UK after 28 February 2023.  However, schools can claim for the full 3 terms for existing pupils, even where these run into the next financial year.  There is no time limit within which schools must spend the grant. 

As you will be aware, many Ukrainians are now seeking alternative accommodation.  When supporting Ukrainian families in their search for housing, we attempt to prioritise keeping children in the schools in which they have settled, but sadly this is not always possible.  We would be grateful therefore if you could encourage those able in your school communities to consider hosting families who have settled locally.  Anyone interested can find information at Ukraine: Could you help a family in need? – Suffolk County Council or contact us at [email protected]