SES Termly Visit – Framework for Discussion – Updated

To help prepare for your SES Termly visit, please view a copy of the discussion framework which we will use with you to support our discussion. The template does not need to be completed or shared with us before the meeting. We will complete it jointly with you during the visit, based on our discussion together, and we will share the completed version promptly after the meeting. However, you can now access a copy of the Word version here for any notes or preparation in school. Thank you to those schools who have already requested this, we hope this version is helpful.

You will be aware from our information sessions that we are offering a termly visit to each school from January, to help you consider your school’s SEND ‘picture’ at a whole school level. The SES teachers attached to your school will be in touch to arrange the Spring term visit. Please note that the SES teachers who complete your termly visit, will be representing SES at that time, not their individual service areas of expertise, as this isn’t a meeting to talk about individual pupils.

Please do look out for forthcoming messages from us clarifying the pathways to discuss individual pupils. Please continue to book Inclusion Support Meetings.

If you have any questions regarding the termly visit or any aspect of the SES offer from January 2024, please do not hesitate to contact us.