Important updates – Alternative Provision

Please read the following important updates:

  • Please note that although AP providers have 15 days to respond following receipt of referrals, this does not mean we will have an outcome to share with you after 15 days. We progress as many consults with providers as we can, based on the information received within a referral. This can take longer than 15 days, for example when further information is requested. For referrals received between 1 and 15 Jan 2024 you can usually expect to hear by 15 Feb 2024. For those received between 16 and 31 Jan 2024 you can usually expect to hear by 28 Feb 2024.
  • Please note incomplete referrals will be returned. In addition, we will not progress a referral without the completed Consent Form which should be sent with your completed referral. We may also request further information from you. If we do not receive this within 5 working days from sending the request to you, we will assume you no longer wish to progress the referral.