Update from Suffolk Constabulary Schools Team

In October 2022 during the National Hate Crime Awareness Week the Suffolk Constabulary School Liaison Team, with support from the Suffolk Community Safety Partnerships, were proud to announce the launch of the third Hope Awards.

These awards were created as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate some of the amazing work our young community are doing outside of their academic studies.

Coming in to its third round the HOPE awards are open to any student aged between 11yrs and 18yrs old covering key stage two, three and sixth form.

We are asking for members of public (teachers/parents/carers/or peers) to nominate someone who has gone above and beyond. The awards are categorised in to four areas as follows.

Diversity / inclusivity – where a group or individual has promoted diversity, taken a stand to prevent/stop discrimination, undertaken activity to help challenge negative mindset and affect positive change.  They strive to motivate change and educate, raising awareness of how as an inclusive community we can promote equality.

Respect and Kindness– Kindness is often an underestimated attribute; we look to recognise actions (both large and small) which demonstrate compassion and an understanding of another’s struggles. In showing respect, we show a regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others.

Teamwork –Teamwork is a skill we carry forward from school to higher education, work and the rest of our lives. By working as a team, we acknowledge the benefits of sharing our ideas and experiences and finding a common approach to solve an issue. Standing together we can see the impact we have.

Determination – The HOPE awards look to tackle, highlight and discuss important topics, some not always easy to find the confidence to take on. We are looking to celebrate and recognise the determination and resilience of our young people and reward their positive attitude to finding solutions or helping each other and their community.

Previous years have shown we have so many young people in our community taking the initiative to enact change, making kind and thoughtful choices affecting those around them and showing such an impressive amount of strength and resilience during difficult times. Please spread the word and encourage everyone to partake and make a nomination.

Following nominations, a panel will meet, and winners selected. Prizes will be announced in the new year where we aim to share the winner’s success in local news and social media.

Nominations can be made via the link below.  

Apply Here | Suffolk Constabulary

Any questions can be sent to.

[email protected] or [email protected]

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