Schools with Purchasing cards – Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a new regulation being introduced to make some online purchases and activities more secure.

From March 2022, Lloyds will be asking cardholders to verify certain purchases when using a Purchasing Card to pay online or when servicing an account using Commercial Cards Internet Servicing (CCIS).

They will do this by sending a passcode to a registered mobile phone or by placing an outbound call to that mobile or a landline, providing it’s a number where they can call the cardholder direct.  A security code will be shown on the laptop or PC and will be keyed into the telephone keypad. 

If they can’t make contact to verify the purchase or CCIS activity with the cardholder, it will not be possible to complete the transaction and it will be declined.  It will then be necessary to call Lloyds to register a telephone number.

There was a plan for anyone who has not provided a mobile or landline to be provide security token In March but that has been delayed with no date confirmed yet as to when that option will be available so, please make sure Lloyds have a mobile or landline if you are going to be making online purchases.

If you have any questions or concerns that Lloyds do not have a mobile or landline please contact Lloyds at:

Lloyds Bank, Corporate Cards

Tel Customer Services: 0800 0964496

Email: [email protected]

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