Psychology & Therapeutic Service Traded work updates

From September 2022 our traded work will largely be delivered via packages of support. This means that we can provide a bespoke offer from the range of professionals in our team in order to deliver a service that best meets your settings needs.

Our offer includes:

We will be adding information over the coming weeks to show you examples of packages. Please see the School’s Choice website for these examples.

We already have many existing packages up and running that will continue to be delivered over next academic year. If you wish to purchase a package of support for your educational setting over the next academic year, please contact us via email at Psychology&[email protected]

We will need all requests in by midday on Friday October 21st, 2022, in order for us to plan our capacity over the next year so please do let us know from now and up until this date. If there is a large demand for traded services, we will need to action a ‘first come first served model’.

Best wishes and we hope you have a lovely summer break

P&TS Leadership