In-Year Admission Limits in the 2024/2025 School Year

The 2023/2024 school year has seen a growing number of admission authorities reduce the number of places available for in-year admissions, particularly in Years 9 to 11. This has led to a shortage of in-year places across the county and is impacting on students’ access to learning. It is crucial that there are sufficient school places available to accommodate in-year admissions throughout the school year.

The Local Authority is responsible for pupil place planning and ensuring there are enough places in the normal year of entry to a school. There are sufficient school places based on Published Admission Numbers (PAN) and these places cannot be reduced without a consultation or by seeking a variation in line with the School Admissions Code.

In the majority of schools, the Published Admission Number (PAN) or the number of places made available on the National Offer Day continues as the cohort moves through the school. In some cases, often due to demographics or low birth rates, there can be significantly fewer children allocated than the number of places available and a school must plan for this accordingly.

In the past plans have included capacity for children moving into and around Suffolk in-year. However, we are increasingly finding there is less capacity in the system to accommodate children moving into or around Suffolk, or those who have left to be Electively Home Educated and now wish to return to mainstream schooling. This means there are not enough places for these children to attend a local school.

Our important ask of schools that have not yet reached their accommodation capacity, is to consider ways in which it would be possible to increase in-year admission limits to accommodate new in-year students, such as when planning the 2024/2025 timetables, option groups and class sizes. Admission limits should not be set lower than the number of students already on roll in the year group.

We understand the challenges that schools are facing in terms of budget constraints, recruitment, and capacity to support those students with additional needs. However, the current shortage of in-year places is not sustainable and is impacting on students and their learning. We would like to collaborate with you to ensure we can all meet our duty to provide sufficient school places.

Can you please complete this In-Year Admission Limits in the 2024/2025 school year form to provide your in-year admission limits for the 2024/2025 school year and the number of pupils you expect to have on roll from September 2024. This includes a free text box so you can provide any further details.