Severe Weather Closures

We are sure that you have already been considering your school procedures in relation to severe weather, particularly snowfall, and the impact it may have on the school.  Our advice, as per the letter enclosed in this article, is that schools should plan to remain open in all but the most exceptional circumstances.  However, if it is necessary to close or partially close, the attached letter provides details of how to notify us.  Please note that the process is different to previous years as we have decided to use an online form for the first time, which we hope will make the process easier for headteachers to communicate their decision.

We would therefore ask that as soon as the decision has been made, the headteacher should complete the online form.  This form will automatically feed through to your school’s Severe Weather Contact and the school closure website will be updated first thing in the morning.

Should you be unable to access the link, you should ring the Severe Weather Contact (SWC) for your school cluster between 6.00am and 7.00am (contact details are in the enclosed letter).