Update on Capital Programme

In April 2019, Cabinet approved a capital programme to the value of £45m to develop SEND provision on mainstream school sites and to build/redevelop a number of new special schools.  £15m of this figure came from the DfE to fund a free school. Cabinet approved Council borrowing of £30.6m.  The SEND Capital Programme’s ambition was to create 874 new specialist placements across Suffolk.

£24.1m of the total figure was set aside to deliver specialist units attached to mainstream school and new special schools to open in 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Phase 1.

Phase 1 is now nearing completion and we have seen the successful opening of 21 new Specialist Units attached to Mainstream Schools and will have 3 new Special Schools open from Academic Year 2022/23.  In total Phase 1 of the SEND Capital will see the creation of 825 new specialist placements in Suffolk.

Details of the provision created and all of the specialist provision across Suffolk can be found on the local offer website:-

SEND Capital Programme update February 2022 | Community Directory (suffolk.gov.uk)

Specialist Education in Suffolk | Community Directory

We are currently reviewing Phase 1 and the findings from this will establish what provision is needed for Phase 2 of the programme.  After further Cabinet approval is received Phase 2 should begin in Autumn 2022.