New The Source website for young people is about to launch

Suffolk County Council’s Children and Young People’s Engagement Hub team are about to launch ‘The Source’ – a website for young people in Suffolk, which provides information, advice, and sources of support on everyday issues that impact youngsters.

This has been a yearlong project which has involved extensive co-production work with young people’s groups, schools, and colleges to get the new Source website redeveloped.

The new Source website, which will be launching at the end of this month (27th March) will have a new trendy appearance, improved accessibility tools, a modernised CV builder, a much friendlier layout with only four easy-to-navigate menu sections (Your Future, Your Body, Your Mind and Your Life), and a new ‘Ask the Expert’ and ‘Find help now! Emotional Wellbeing Directory’ to help navigate young people to where they can find support services.

The new Source website is aimed at supporting young people aged 12-25 years of age but will also provide a valuable resource for educational staff, and parents and carers, who support young people.

The new Source website launch will be announced on social media.

You can follow and share news of the sites launch at:
Instagram: @ehub_

Facebook: @thesourcewebsite

Twitter: @sourcesuffolk

New promotional resources will be sent out to schools, colleges and organisations who work with young people, to inform them of the new website and help raise awareness amongst young people.

If you would like to get in touch with the Children and Young People’s Engagement Hub team, please email: [email protected]