Embedding VSEND

VSEND is a standard approach to considering your setting readiness to meet additional needs as well as assessing a child or young person’s special educational needs.

VSEND is being rolled out to all schools in Suffolk and the training is underway with 90 schools having attended to date.  We want to ensure all schools have this tool to support the early identification of children and young people with additional needs and SEND.

The Specialist Education Service (SES) Team, in collaboration with our strategic partner IMPOWER, are delivering the training which will continue until May. Next academic year we will be training Early Years and post 16 settings in the approach.

We have received very positive feedback from SENCOs who have welcomed the opportunity to review their provision and revise their SEND Development and Training Plans with all their staff. VSEND supports all staff to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver interventions, using common language and approaches.

The tool provides a single, rounded picture of the needs of children and young people and the support they need to succeed and prosper. It informs planning for children and young people and can also be used to support working with families around children’s and young people’s needs. It provides key information for the Specialist Education Services and schools will be asked to submit it as part of requests for EHC needs assessments and decision-making panels.  

Training for staff across Inclusion Services has also taken place, and VSEND Champions and trainers will play a key ongoing role in supporting SENCOs.

The training will be continuing until May so if you haven’t been on the training yet, you should have received an invite. If you have been invited but haven’t been able to attend, the upcoming dates are:

  • Tuesday 14th March 11- 12.30
  • Thursday 16th March 16:00 – 17:30
  • Tuesday 21st March 11- 12.30
  • Thursday 23rd March 16:00 – 17:30

Please contact [email protected] to book your training.

We want to thank you all for your hard work with and on behalf of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

We would also welcome views on your experience of embedding VSEND and invite to use the feedback link: VSEND feedback (office.com)