Design masterclasses in schools to help inspire students – MOBIE’s student design challenge

To support the recent launch and publicity for MOBIE’s student design challenge, ‘Think Circular in Suffolk’, their design team are running practical, hands-on, design masterclasses in schools and colleges to help inspire and get students started with the competition.

These are free, half day workshops, delivered in your school either to individual classes or a mix of interested students who want to enter the challenge. The sessions will consist of a short introduction and presentation explaining the challenge, the site and brief requirements, followed by a guided, interactive ‘brainstorming’ session, then designing and planning a proposal. The students will use our pre-prepared range of card maquettes, templates featuring various house types, designs, plants, street furniture, lighting, paths, etc. to create the layout on an A1 site plan showing the existing details and constraints of the Newmarket location. 

The emphasis will be on the ‘circular economy’, house design, sustainable materials, carbon free energy sources, innovative construction techniques and homes and community creation.

They have different workshop lesson plans for all age ranges, primary, secondary, F.E. and SEN.

To discuss the challenge itself, the workshops or to book a session in your school, please get in touch with MOBIE’s Education Head, Gerry Ruffles – email [email protected] or call 07790035959.