SATs Monitoring Feedback 2024

Thank you to those schools that had SATs monitoring visits this year. We appreciate that the SATs testing week is when you are focused on your pupils, and our aim was to monitor how well you implemented the SATs tests according to the STA guidance in as unobtrusive way as possible. We visited 31 schools, out of a possible 249, and saw some exemplary practice across many schools which I wanted to share with you.

The passion and dedication taken to ensure every child was able to do their best in the tests, in an environment that was supportive and caring; with a careful balance of nerves to do their best balanced with enjoyment was evident. (A very challenging conundrum to get right.) Thank you to all staff involved that made the week work smoothly for everyone, it is a credit to you for getting the children ready for their next stage of education.

Some of the exemplary practices seen:

  • Papers double locked away with key access limited to two or three people (not involved in the SATs).
  • Adults had had training and were clear about their role.
  • Two people talking through with each other what they were doing as they were getting the SATs papers out, and double signing the form for accessing the tests.
  • Delivery note signed and with papers.
  • All displays covered.
  • SATs undertaken in a cleared space, with one person at each table (or two end-to-end) and two people in the room to administer the test.
  • Paper printed with child’s name, date of birth, school name and DfE number in the same format as on the front page to ensure it was completed correctly.
  • A clear timetable of who was where for children and adults, which children had extra time, needed a scribe, or needed test copied onto coloured paper.
  • Clear evidence over time as to why a child required additional time to ensure a level playing field for the tests and normal classroom practice.
  • The most vulnerable were very well supported.