Support Staff job Evaluation Project Update

In February 2022, schools were made aware that Schools’ Choice had been commissioned by Suffolk County Council to undertake a Job Evaluation project to review and update existing support staff job descriptions. 

The view was to implement these changes in April 2023.  Work has been underway to produce draft Job and Personal Profiles (JPPs), based on existing Job Descriptions.  LA Maintained schools have been emailed to ask for volunteers to join a Working Group of representatives to work alongside Schools’ Choice on the project.  This includes reviewing the new draft JPPs to ensure they reflect the reality of how the roles operate in schools and identify any roles that have been missed.

The first meeting of the Working Group was held on 18 October 2022 with a view to a number of further meetings being held throughout the rest of this term.  This project will also review the options for resolving the overlap in grades 1 and 2 as well as, if appropriate, retaining a mid-point bar within each grade.  Unions have been updated on the progress of this project.