Specialist Education Services (SES)

Below are dates by which to submit referrals to SES for the remainder of this term (summer 2022). These dates are for referrals to C&L, C&I and SEMH only.

Important: The dates and deadlines below do not include referrals to the Alternative Tuition Service, the Whole School Inclusion Service or the Sensory / Physical Services, including the Specialist LSA Service. Referrals for these services should be submitted as usual and will be progressed as usual.

The dates and deadlines below allow for existing and most recent referrals to be progressed and to allow preparation for the new academic year:

Year 6 referrals: Due to the secondary phase transfer visits taking place in every secondary school this term, as well as transition support for existing referrals, Year 6 referrals from primary schools received after 25 May 2022 will not be progressed. However, Inclusion Support Meetings (ISMs) can still be requested via the following link: www.suffolk.gov.uk/sesinclusionappointment  For all referrals to C&L, C&I and SEMH: referrals must be received by 22 June 2022 to be considered this term. Any received after this date will not be progressed until the autumn term 2022.  SES referrals will be progressed again for these services (including for Year 6) from 7 September 2022.