CSPR Adult A Webinar – Monday 8 January 2024 – 2pm to 3:30pm

In December 2020 Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership, in collaboration with West Sussex Safeguarding Children Partnership and the Community Safety Partnerships in both areas, commissioned a CSPR following the fatal stabbing of Adult A in October 2020. A 14-year-old girl pleaded to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. The review focuses on two key questions and analyses twelve key lines of enquiry.

These two questions are:

1. How effectively do agencies, singularly and together, understand, identify, and respond to the needs of those at greatest risk from children exhibiting the most harmful behaviours?

2. How effectively do agencies, singularly and together, understand, identify, and respond to the needs of the most vulnerable children, who display the most harmful behaviour, and do current systems meet the needs of the most traumatised children.

Read practice review (PDF) (The full review and report)

The review author, Joanna Nicolas, will be delivering the webinar and exploring the learning and conclusions from the review.

Joanna has worked in safeguarding and child protection for 30 years, for a number of years as a children and families social worker and for the last 16 years as an independent safeguarding consultant and trainer, delivering multi and single agency training. She has led 18 practice reviews, is an advisor to the King’s Trust, sits on the Board of Cafcass and acts as a court appointed expert witness. Joanna also undertakes suitability assessments on individuals working in a position of trust with children and undertakes safeguarding cultural reviews in schools and other settings. She also works with a range of organisations advising on safeguarding and does a lot of work in the arts and in the field of the culture of organisations, helping them to develop a stronger culture of safeguarding and exploring workplace behaviours.

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