Notification of Elective Home Education

You will be aware that there is an increasing number of parents electing to home educate (EHE) their children.

Firstly, to ensure the LA are doing their duty (to identify and support those families and target resources effectively to the most vulnerable learners) and secondly, to support schools in clearly evidencing the correct processes and demonstrating effective safeguarding of young people, we are sharing a brief reminder of those key actions that should be taken when a parent has requested their child to be removed from the school roll and indicated that they are choosing to Electively Home Educate (EHE).

Key Actions for Schools:

  • Upon receipt of written notification from a parent that their child is receiving education otherwise than at school, delete the child’s name from the admissions register. This should clearly state the parents wish to take responsibility for their child’s education and to home educate.
  • Acknowledge (in writing) receipt of the parents’ written notification of their decision to home educate.
  • Inform Suffolk County Council immediately of the removal of the child’s name from the admissions register using the CME portal Children Missing Education Referral Form – Suffolk Schools’ Portal. You will receive an email confirmation that this has been received for your records.
  • Complete the Elective Home Education Form 1 and send along with the parents deregistration letter, directly to [email protected]. Any emails will receive an automatic acknowledgement for your records.

Please view the 5 Minute Guide to EHE for schools for further details and contact information.