Update on 157/175 Safeguarding Audit 2023

This year’s 175/157 Safeguarding Self-Assessment Audit is in the process of being written.  Consideration has been given to the feedback that was received for last year’s audit.

The aim of the audit is to assist the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership (SSP) to perform their functions in ensuring the effectiveness of partner organisations in promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children in Suffolk.

The intention is that the audit is a supportive document to enable schools to identify strengths and areas of development, as well as providing accurate information to the LA, enabling it to be best placed to provide capacity, support and training in the most appropriate areas.

Actions taken to date:

  • The platform that the audit will be completed on is being reviewed to ensure that it meets the need of school leaders as well as the Local Authority
  • Contact has been made with Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership to ensure the audit covers the areas and themes that need to be focused on this year
  • A working group from the Suffolk Education Partnership has been working collaboratively with the Organisational Support Team regarding the content and layout of the audit
  • The Early Years Team will review the audit to ensure that it will provide the information they require to avoid schools having to complete more than one audit
  • The 157/175 Safeguarding Self-Assessment Audit will be trialled by schools prior to its launch in May 2023

A reminder that completion of the 175/157 Self Assessment Audit is a mandatory requirement for all Suffolk schools regardless of status. 

If there is any additional feedback that you would like to share at this point regarding the audit, please contact the Organisational Support Team on [email protected]