Suffolk CPD

The provider for Suffolk CPD changed in April 2022, and we are excited to say that the new site will be available for School staff from September 2022. The new site has a very different look and feel to our old site, more features and updated technology to enhance your user experience. 

Suffolk CPD will have courses targeted to school staff, in particular for those with a Safeguarding responsibility. These courses include but are not exclusive to:

  1. Safeguarding Children Level 1 (eLearning)
  2. Safeguarding Children Group 2-3 (eLearning)
  3. Working Together to Safeguard Children (Virtual Classroom)
  4. 3 in 1 Medication Training

In preparation for this, we would like to set up your school and appropriate staff on the platform. Each school will be allocated a maximum number of 5 live accounts at any one time for their staff (please email us at [email protected] to amend details of staff allocated a live account). One of these accounts will need to be a Manager – person responsible for signing off spend / authorising training.

Please complete this table for us to register your school and return it to us by Friday 15 July 2022:

 First NameLast NameOverarching Academy Name (if applicable)School NameJob TitleRoleEmail addressPhone (optional)
1     Manager  
2     Learner  
3     Learner  
4     Learner  
5     Learner  

We look forward to hearing from you