New Information- Operation Encompass

MASH attendance at DSL training day 12th July

MASH are keen to continue working in partnership with schools and will be attending the DSL conference on 12th July held at Abbeygate Sixth Form College in Bury. We will have a stand at the event and there is an opportunity to speak to our Head of service, Practice Managers and Partnerships Manager, Please come and see us!

Domestic Violence Notifications (Operation Encompass)

Following workshops and training that MASH have undertaken in schools recently, it was noted that additional information provided to school Safeguarding Leads, around what incident has taken place, would be very helpful in supporting Schools to provide the appropriate support to the child/ren.

The new notification format will include a summary of the incident that has taken place in order to provide context, and ensure the young person is given the correct support required at the earliest time.

This will begin in early September, and you can expect to see the changes then.

Please ensure your Designated Safeguarding Lead email addresses are up to date and email [email protected] with any changes

If you have any questions, or feedback you can email [email protected]