Consultation with all Suffolk schools and settings to increase student numbers at Chalk Hill Academy, Sudbury

In April 2019, Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet agreed a programme to transform the education of children and young people with SEND. In making its decisions, the Cabinet took into account a report from its Policy Development Panel (PDP) into Special Education provision in Suffolk and the outcome of the SEND Sufficiency Survey published in June 2018 which confirmed the rising demand for specialist places for children and young people with SEND. This included the finding that that there is a particularly significant rise predicted in the numbers of children and young people with SEND, including those with a primary need of moderate learning difficulties , ASD and speech, language and communication needs.

In the west of Suffolk, ie the area served by Chalk Hill, it was particularly identified that there was a rising demand trajectory for an additional number of places needed in highly specialist schools providing support for complex ASH/SEMH needs of the county.

One of the decisions made by Cabinet was that, in the light of this rising demand trajectory, it would support the development of a more highly specialist offer for the most complex children and young people linked to a particular profile where the council is currently commissioning significant numbers of placements form the independent sector. It was therefore agreed that Chalk Hill could be developed to support this provision with an increase in the number of placements to 48 to meet demand for specialist places. 

This increase in student places is dependent on the successful outcome of funding bids to develop the accommodation at Chalk Hill.

The consultation question is:

Do you support SENDAT Chalk Hill’s plans to increase the number of specialist places at Chalk Hill from its existing 30 (including 12 residential) places to a total of 48 (including 12 residential) places for children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) / Social Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) needs? 

To respond to the consultation before the closing date of 11 April, please use this link: Chalk Hill Consultation