Reducing Parental Conflict – resources and video clips

Free digital resources provided by oneplusone are available for parents, including practitioner guides to show you how to introduce these to parents. Video clips where children are talking about the effects of parental conflict are now also available to view. Each clip is designed to encourage parents to reflect on how their behaviour might affect their childrenParents can scan a QR code at the end which takes them directly to the parent resources.

You may find these video clips helpful to use with parents to start a conversation, before signing them up to the digital courses.

Please remind parents to select their local authority area from the map on the registration page when creating their own accounts and encourage them to complete the questionnaires at the start and end of each course. This helps us to provide you with useful reporting information and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions.

The video clips below are all on YouTube and are ready for you to use:

Kids talk FROST  – A young girl reflects on how she feels when her parents argue, compared to when they make up again.
Kids talk FUTURE  – Girls talk about how their parents’ arguments might affect their own adult relationship choices.
Kids talk MONEY  – A young boy describes how he feels when he hears his grandparents arguing about money.       

Kids talk TORN – A young girls describes how she feels when her parents argue.                                                                                                                           
Listening activity trailer – An animated trailer for the listening activity from Me, You and Baby Too, encouraging parents to take turns to really listen to each other.
Thoughts, feelings, behaviours trailer – An animated trailer to encourage parents to think about why someone is behaving the way they are before reacting.
Luca trailer – A trailer for the full ‘Luca’s family’ video on