School Fire Liason Officer Scheme

Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service has School Fire Liaison Officers (SFLOs), who are operational Firefighters based in educational establishments across the county.

SFLOs are positive role models for students and work with the staff to identify those students who would benefit most greatly from some additional support and intervention. Each SFLOs role varies, as it is the educational establishment who determines exactly where they feel the extra support is needed.

Mentoring support

The key role of an SFLO is to mentor the students, supporting them in their journey of becoming the best person that they can be. SFLOs work closely with students to help them overcome any barriers they face and to progress, allowing them the time to reflect on their behaviours and understand their emotions.

SFLOs can also work with students to discuss career paths, social skills, and life-choices. They deliver on the understanding that every step forward is a positive one- whether it is a young person with learning difficulties reaching their goal or an individual growing in confidence; every young person should feel proud of their efforts.

Is there a cost?

Yes. This is a service paid for by the educational establishment, who will be employing the SFLO (Firefighter) under a 12-month fixed term contract (which can be renewed annually), for the school year.

Can an SFLO move between schools within a Multi-Academy Trust?

Yes. We are happy to discuss the option of an SFLO working between academies within a trust.

How often does a SFLO attend the School, College or Sixth Form?

One day per week during term time. This mutually agreed day can be flexible to accommodate both parties. The teaching professionals and SFLO agree a plan of activities based upon individual or group needs to ensure maximum benefit for all.

Will I get to choose the SFLO (Firefighter) best suited to my School, College of Sixth Form?

Yes. If you would like to employ an SFLO, then we would firstly work together to design a suitable advert. Once the SFLO position has been advertised by us within Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service, joint panel interviews would be conducted with a representative from the Service and educational establishment, before appointing an individual.

Can an SFLO work in a primary school, or is the scheme just for secondary schools?

Yes. An SFLO can work in any school, sixth form or college.

Find out more if you’re interested

Contact the Youth Education and Development Manager on 01473 260588 or at [email protected].