SENDIASS sessions for parents and carers

Booking is open for an online session for parents, carers and young people with a learning disability. The session will be hosted by SENDIASS and presented by Peer Educators from ACE Anglia who will explain what an annual health check is, how to prepare and resources to help you.

This session takes place on a Saturday to make it easier for young people to take part. The presenters will send one-page-profiles so the young people know who to expect to see.

Learning Disability Annual Health Check (PDF flyer)

3 February 2024 (10:30am – 11:30am)

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Booking is also open for an online interactive session for parents and carers exploring practical tips and solution focused approaches for working with schools, around your child’s SEND. This is a longer session at the request of parents to allow time for more discussion.

Working with Schools (PDF flyer)

5 February 2024 (10am – 12 noon)

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There’s still time to book on the following online sessions for parents and carers. Anyone who registers for these will have access to a pre-recording to watch on demand along with linked resources.

Our popular online session explores the process of support in schools for pupils with special educational needs and how parents/carers and their children are involved.

SEN support in schools (PDF flyer)

25 January 2024 (10am – 11:30am)

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This is an online session exploring the process of support in early years settings for children with special educational needs and how parents are involved. We will also explore support for children with disabilities and medical needs. Coproduced with families and will be supported by a member of Suffolk’s Early Years and Childcare Service.

SEN support in early years settings (PDF flyer)

29 January 2024 (6pm – 7:30pm)

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