Launch of the East and West Suffolk Neurodevelopmental Pathway

The pathway launched at the end of April 2022 and is now the route of referrals for families requiring Neurodevelopmental support with or without a diagnosis.

A family and lead professional are required to complete the new referral form for enhanced clinical services. There are three parts to the referral form and within the third part, we require information from the education setting. This is with an aim of improving a family’s experience where the child’s story is told once and to form the foundation on which we build the support for the child’s needs. Therefore, in this new way of working, education staff may be one of the more suitable referrers to the pathway and you may be approached by families to support with form completion.

To find out more information about the pathway and who may be a suitable professional to refer please visit: Improvements to East and West Suffolk Neurodevelopmental Pathway | Community Directory

If there are any queries regarding the new process or support is required with form completion please email Barnardo’s, who are the new point of access to the pathway at [email protected]