The Suffolk Inclusion Toolkit: Supporting the Graduated Response to SEND

Introducing the Suffolk Inclusion Toolkit – Supporting you to support children and young people with SEND

This new toolkit brings together a suite of assessment and intervention tools to support education setting staff to deliver a graduated approach to meeting the needs of children and young people with SEND. Tools include Valuing SEND, the Essential SENCO toolkit, and the Analysis of Additional Needs Tool (AANT).

Over the coming months you will be hearing more about the Suffolk Inclusion Toolkit, including how you are able to access the use of the tools within this (VSEND, the Essential SENCO toolkit and AANT).

We are pleased to report back that throughout this year colleagues at Suffolk County Council and from IMPOWER have been working alongside education settings to test and develop VSEND, an approach developed by IMPOWER that helps develop a single, rounded picture of the needs of children and young people and uses this as the foundation for planning and commissioning of support.

VSEND will be being rolled out across all schools in the county over the 2022/23 academic year. School leaders will be engaged during this current half term to provide more information in advance of the roll out commencing in November 2022.

Please keep an eye out for further detail on the Suffolk Inclusion Toolkit – a short video is being developed, along with a revised version of the graduated response. These will be shared with you all as soon as possible. Please also look out for invites to sessions regarding VSEND which you will start to receive.   If you have any questions in the meantime please contact either Claire Darwin ([email protected]) or Emma Ockelford from IMPOWER ([email protected])