Young Person Drug and Alcohol Referral Tool

Practitioners who do not have specialist drug knowledge should use the Drug Use Screening Tool (DUST).   DUST helps non-specialists distinguish between ‘drug use’ and ‘drug misuse’, assess risk factors and identify responses to meet a young person’s needs, including referrals to Turning Point. There is further information about the DUST and how to use it on our webpage at 

Please share these videos, and the above links, with any professionals working with young people to support us in actively promoting referrals for young people to Turning Point using DUST.

The 7 videos cover:

  • Commonly used drugs by young people Cannabis and mental health
  • Young people, drugs and brain development
  • Effective drug education
  • Identifying drug use
  • Risk assessment
  • The family 
  • I have also attached some step-by-step guides for to support you.

Please get in touch with any questions.