School Accountancy Team update

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Payroll codes:
We are aware of the issues some schools are experiencing with payroll codes included in the Weekly Extract files being coded to invalid ledger codes such as 1A instead of 3621A. Going forward SAT will process journal corrections for these entries automatically. If Schools see differences in their Monthly reconciliations because of items miscoded in this way these differences will therefore be rectified and reflected in the next monthly Oracle report. Please do not send journals for these corrections as they may then be duplicated. However, Schools are advised to email the HR processing team at Schools’ Choice [email protected] to check that the contract is coded correctly so ensuring that the error does not reoccur in the next pay run. 
Journals that schools will be required to send to SAT are for payroll costs against the wrong ledger code. Again, Schools are advised to email [email protected] to advise of the correct coding.
Cost sharing journal update:
Where costs are shared between schools for staff pay, instead of an internal recharge journal schools should email SAT a cost sharing journal.