New Careers and Apprenticeships app for young people

Suffolk County Council’s Children and Young People’s Engagement Hub team are pleased to announce the launch of their new and improved careers and apprenticeships app called ‘Yojo’ which went live on Monday 10th January.

Yojo was first launched back in 2018, the first of its kind. After two years of re-development the app is back, and it has been rejuvenated to meet the current needs of young people in Suffolk.

The Engagement Hub team created the app with young people for young people. The app name ‘yojo’ was chosen by young people meaning ‘You + Job = yojo’.

What support does the yojo app provide to young people?

The Yojo app provides support to young people in Suffolk aged 14 to 25 who are looking for career information, apprenticeship or traineeship opportunities, or tips for finding work. 

The improved Yojo app puts the ‘world of work’ in young people’s pockets. It has a huge range of features which allows young people to:

  • Search for live apprenticeship and traineeship vacancies – and apply for them via the app
  • Discover career paths based on their favourite subjects and interests – and it gives them entry level requirements
  • Develop their skills to find work – with interactive tips and an interview questions quiz to help them prepare.

The Yojo includes a CV builder, with four CV templates they can choose from, so young people can create a CV through the app, and email or print it. It also has a range of useful information to guide students in making the right decision about what they want to do, and if they’re feeling really stuck, Yojo has links to contacts if they need to speak to someone for help as the app brings together key services that provide careers support.

We hope young people, and educational settings and staff supporting them will find the app useful, and the app will help make it easier for young people to enter the ‘World of Work’, during these difficult times, and find the right career opportunity for them.

Where can I download the Yojo App?

The Yojo app is available now from the App Store and the Play Store and can be downloaded through the new Yojo app website. Visit

You can also find out more about the app at

How can I raise awareness of the new Yojo App to young people?

Please direct young people to our new yojo where they can download the app.

You can follow us on social media and share our posts: Instagram: @YojoAppFacebook:@TheYojoApp

We are planning a mail out of yojo promotional materials to schools and educational settings which should be received over the coming weeks. This will include posters and z-cards which can be displayed and distributed to young people.

If you would like to request yojo promotional resources, please contact the Engagement Hub at: [email protected]