Suffolk Learning & Improvement Network (SLIN)

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The Suffolk Learning and Improvement Network (SLIN) is a school-led system of peer review and join practice development, designed by school leaders in Suffolk to stimulate and sustain improvement in the educational attainment and life chances of all Suffolk children.

The Headteacher Associations in Suffolk, the school-to-school support partnership and the local authority recognised the importance of establishing a self-improving school system to address the key educational challenges in Suffolk, particularly in raising attainment and progress in all phases to meet and exceed that found nationally. 

Feedback from Suffolk school leaders on SLIN:

‘SLIN has been invaluable in my development as a Headteacher. As a new Head of School 3 years ago, SLIN has helped me build a network of contacts, support and professional challenge. Being part of SLIN you feel part of a collective group, jointly working together to improve standards not just in your school or Academy but across Suffolk.

“A good opportunity to step back and reflect with the support of colleagues… gaining a new insight into your own and other school practice”

The three pillars of SLIN are:

Joint Practice Development (JPD)

Themes for JPD come from the outcomes of the peer reviews and our jointly developed with SLIN partners to meet an identified need.

Peer Reviews

The focus/foci for the review are chosen by the host school as an area of development and a strength or strengths that are scrutinised or validated against a wider range of evidence.

Suffolk Performance Challenge

The underlying core principle for SLIN is the improvement of outcomes for all Suffolk pupils. This collective responsibility is at the heart of SLIN.

SLIN handbook Autumn 2021

For more information about becoming involved with SLIN as a school leader or provider of support, please contact Jacqui Frost, SLIN facilitator: [email protected]