Budget 2018-19

On the page below you will find the the 2018-19 Budget tools provided to aid in your budget planning for 2018-19 and beyond.

This is a similar process to last year. Budgets have been issued earlier again to aid planning and giving schools more time in order to get the budgets ‘signed off’. Publishing the budgets in this way has enabled the earlier ‘release date’. You will need to open the toolkits (shown below), select your school from the drop down menus (in school number order, however PRUs, Special Schools and Highfield Nursery are shown at the foot of the list) and save a copy to where you would normally save your toolkits etc. Please note that toolkits will not be made available through AVCO/Anycomms as in previous years.

Key Dates:

2018-19 Budget Plan approved by Governors
2018-19 one-year Budget Plan must be approved by Governors
29 March 2018
2018-19 Budget Toolkit with the LA
2018-19 Budget Toolkit (containing the one-year budget) must be with the LA
Submit via AVCO
30 April 2018
2-Year (2019-20 & 2020-21) Toolkit with the LA
2-Year budget plan must be with the LA – must be signed off by Governors
Submit via AVCO
31 May 2018

1. Budget Toolkit: The toolkit will contain your delegated budget information split out by the blocks of funding – Schools, Early Years and High Needs. Within the toolkit there will be the Budget Plan tab and also feeding off of this, the 3 year Strategic Plan. The toolkit remains the same as 2017-18. Further guidance is included in the toolkit. Any federation school toolkits will be sent on to those schools separately.

2. Budget Estimate Tool: This is to aid in any further planning / modelling that schools may wish to undertake in supporting 1 year and strategic planning submissions. Further guidance is included in the tool. Schools can choose to use this, however it is an optional tool. 

We appreciate that longer term strategic planning is difficult, however we do know that the factors used will broadly be in line with current factors and using the NFF unit values should provide some certainty moving forward. Protection and capping / scaling of caps will continue, but at what rate in the future is still unknown. In the short term for 2019-20 MFG and capping decisions will be made at local (Schools Forum) level. If you have any technical problems with the toolkit, please contact: [email protected] or 01473 265626.

Budget Commentary 2018-19

Early Years Summer Term 18 Funding and Deprivation