Assessment and Data

The 2024 data collection manuals will be available on the Statutory Data Collection tab closer to the data collection window in the summer term. The previous versions are still in place to indicate where the new ones will be once they are ready.

Moderation dates in 2024

Friday 17 May 2024 is the earliest date the Local Authority can begin to inform schools if they will have a moderation visit for Key Stage 2.

Moderation for Key Stage 2 will take place between Monday 3 June and Friday 28 June 2024. The extension to the dates was announced in March 2023.

There will not be external moderation visits for the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile in 2024 as this is no longer required.

Data collection deadlines 2024

The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile data should be returned to the Local Authority no later than Friday 28 June 2024.

The Phonics Screening Check data should be returned to the Local Authority by Friday 28 June 2024.

Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments (writing and science) are submitted via the Primary Assessment Gateway (also known as PAG). The deadline is Friday 28 June 2024 but it would be advisable to complete this ahead of the deadline if possible.

Key Stage 2 results will be published on Tuesday 9 July 2024.

Early years foundation stage profile: 2024 handbook (

2024 assessment and reporting arrangements (phonics screening check) – GOV.UK (

2024 key stage 2 assessment and reporting arrangements – GOV.UK (


Richard Burbage – Lead Assessment Officer

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Kathryn Roper – Assessment Officer

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For queries about moderation visits use the mailboxes:

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For enquiries about the statutory data collection process:

Data Collection / Analysis Team
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Responsible for: Managing the data collection process between schools, the LA and the DfE.